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WACDL was formed to improve the quality and administration of justice.  WACDL has close to 1000 members – private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, and related professionals committed to preserving fairness and promoting a rational and humane criminal justice system.

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WACDL is now on Twitter

A Twitter feed is now on WACDL's website. If you want to follow WACDL...

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State v. Love (No. 89619-4)

On July 16, 2015 the Washington State Supreme Court issued its ruling in this case, regarding jury selection and open courts, rejecting the position WACDL took in its amicus brief.

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Longview's public defender costs continue to rise

Daily News Online: The increase is driven by a state Supreme Court decision on maximum public defender caseloads, and city leaders say there is little to do aside from meet the requirement.

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History of Abuse Seen in Many Girls in Juvenile System

New York Times: As many as 80 percent of the girls in some states’ juvenile justice systems have a history of sexual or physical abuse, according to a report released Thursday.

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Alternatives to reform prisons to reduce outsourcing and reoffending

Seattle Times: Keeping inmates close to families will keep our communities safer, and maintain the focus on corrections, not the warehousing of prisoners.

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Yakima County wins program to cut jail costs

Yakima Herald: After more than two years of planning, Yakima County is now set to implement a pre-trial program that will allow suspects accused of low-level, non-violent crimes to be released from jail while awaiting trial.

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Rehabilitating teens may mean sealing their juvenile record

Seattle Times: More than 100 years ago, Washington lawmakers created a separate juvenile-justice system because they recognized that society benefits when juvenile courts focus on both accountability and rehabilitation.

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Skagit judge finds state in contempt for delays in treating mentally ill defendant

Skagit Valley Herald: A Skagit County judge has found Western State Hospital in contempt of court after delays in transporting a mentally ill defendant from jail to receive psychiatric treatment.

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Court: First Amendment protects profanity against police

Seattle Times: A teenage boy convicted of obstruction after yelling and cursing at three Seattle police officers while they were investigating a disturbance at his house had a First Amendment right to behave the way he did.

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The simple idea that could transform US criminal justice

The Guardian: Judge Victoria Pratt looks defendants in the eye, asks them to write essays about their goals, and applauds them for complying – and she is getting results.

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Treating inmates’ ADHD could reduce recidivism

News Tribune Opinion: About 10 years ago, a grad student studied two large-city jails back East. That writer thought 75 percent of those incarcerated were adults with undiagnosed or untreated ADD and ADHD.

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The Destruction of Defendants’ Rights

The New Yorker: The Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (A.E.D.P.A.) is surely one of the worst statutes ever passed by Congress and signed into law by a President.

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WACDL Tweets

"Ruining Lives with Criminal 'Justice'" -- NYT op ed. http://t.co/jBrWZ17U7p

7/30 demonstration in DC for “Ban the Box” exec order. http://t.co/VOZYrd0W0C See more about WA State efforts at http://t.co/OdUWktMI8k.

King County prosecutor no longer seeking death penalty for McEnroe. http://t.co/2YGefgLuIi

WACDL past pres Kim Gordon served on the cmte that drafted Justice Reinvestment bill; Sea Times editorial in support: http://t.co/lekjF0rdxZ