The Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers was formed twenty-seven years ago to improve the quality and administration of justice.  WACDL has over 1000 members – private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, and related professionals committed to preserving fairness and promoting a rational and humane criminal justice system.

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Defense Lawyers Say Jurors Deserve A Pay Raise To Minimum Wage
KPLU: A group of defense lawyers argue that when you are called to be on jury duty, you are working and therefore should be paid minimum wage. These attorneys say a diverse cross section of society would sign up for jury duty if the pay was better.
Dollree Mapp, Who Defied Police Search in Landmark Case, Is Dead
New York Times: On May 23, 1957, three police officers arrived at a house in Cleveland and demanded to enter. They wanted to question a man about a recent bombing and believed he was hiding inside. A woman who lived there, Dollree Mapp, refused to admit them.
Justices Reject Jurors’ Testimony on Deliberations
New York Times: The Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously ruled that jurors may not testify about what went on during deliberations even to expose dishonesty during jury selection.
State Supreme Court justice urges straight talk on racism
The Columbian: One day when he was driving away from a meeting with some legal clients, Steven Gonzalez was stopped by a police officer who asked him if he needed directions out of town.
In Memoriam: Laurie Morris (1972 – 2014)
We are sad to hear of the death of Laurie Morris, who was a WACDL member for many years. Laurie, along with her husband, fellow WACDL member Daron Morris, was a frequent attender at WACDL events; she will be missed.
King County Executive Dow Constantine convenes work group to assess public defense staffing levels
Enumclaw Courier-Herald: King County Executive Dow Constantine announced the creation of an internal working group to assess staffing levels within the Department of Public Defense and develop a plan for the effective delivery of services over the coming two-year budget cycle.
County Council delays layoffs of public defenders
Seattle Times ($): The King County department that helps defendants who can’t afford an attorney will lose 40 employees, including about 20 attorneys, under the two-year county budget adopted Monday by the Metropolitan King County Council.
Prosecutor still deciding death penalty
Kitsap Sun ($): A man accused of strangling his live in girlfriend, posting photos of the crime scene online and leaving the body for her family to find might face the death penalty if convicted.
Crucial oversight for Stingray investigations
Bellingham Herald: Police are the good guys. They should use sophisticated technology to catch the bad guys. What they shouldn’t do is leave judges in the dark when they deploy spying technology of unprecedented power.
Holding Three Simultaneous Death Penalty Trials in King County Is Unprecedented—and Hugely Expensive
The Stranger: Though trials involving the death penalty are hardly unheard of in this county, having three of them running simultaneously is unprecedented, according to the King County prosecutor's office.
Tacoma police change how they seek permission to use cellphone tracker
News Tribune: Pierce County judges didn’t know until recently that they’d been authorizing Tacoma police to use a device capable of tracking someone’s cellphone.
State v. W.R., Jr.
On October 30, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a ruling in this case, a case where WACDL had filed an amicus brief.
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